BLOX: The way of dreams, 16th of November 2016, Prague

From Wednesday 16th of November 2016 is the ground floor of administrative building Blox at Evropska 11 street in Prague supported by new installation of Cars & Art project. In living space of entrance hall is presented a quartet of paintings by Theodor and Jan Pistek combined with sportscar Porsche 959. The main point of their interaction is simple statement, that every object of desire becames from a land of dreams, where we are getting every time we enjoy them. Gruppe B concept car, painted by Theodor Pistek in dreamy atmosphere with flying seagull, is the prefigure of followed Porsche 959, which transmits us during its driving at lot of abstractive places, painted by Jan Pistek

PPF GATE: Collectors passion, 1st of August - 31st of December 2016, Prague

On the 1st of August, on the ground floor of PPF Gate building on the street Evropska in Prague, the exhibition presenting classic cars and works of art as objects of collectors passion was opened. Motoring enthusiasts can behold the racing car Lancia Stratos of Jolly Club Racing Team, gentlemen coupe Aston Martin DB2 / 4 Mk III and roadster AC Ace Bristol, which were borrowed from Engine Prague and Engine Classic Cars Automobile Fund, members of the group Engine. Beautiful paintings and photographs of renowed Czech artists come from the collections of PPF Art, a member of the group PPF. Exposure is accessible free of charge on weekdays between 9.00 to 18.00 hours.

VACLAV ZAPADLIK: Petrol fascination, 2.-28.4.2016, Praha

During the month of April at Prague's Manes exhibition hall held a unique exhibition of works by the Czech artist Václav Zapadlík. Partner of the exhibition, representing various creative periods of artistic techniques of a world-renowned artist specialized at historic motoring, became Engine Classic Cars Automobile Fund, which purchased the entire collection of artworks into its investment portfolio after the exhibition. As a whole, it will be reissued in Engine Classic Cars Gallery.