Bring. Wash. Dry. Polish. Vacuum clean. Pressurize. Park. Connect. Protect. Sit for a while. Watch. Compete. Support. Celebrate. Dance.

Safe and convenient parking is important for each vehicle or motorcycle owner. In our private garages we offer spacious parking spaces right in the heart of the capital city. Due to the high security level, you may use them for year-long or short-term parking without any worries.

Besides the traditional services such as manual washing, vacuum-cleaning, tyre pressurizing and battery charging you may use the elegant club facility with a sitting area, toy race track, audiovisual equipment and a bar, briefly a place for friendly encounters, private events, concerts or parties.

  • Parking right in the city centre,
  • electronic card entry system,
  • modern camera system with recording,
  • non-stop security including a control centre,
  • possibility to provide manual washing, polishing, vacuum-cleaning and upholstery cleaning,
  • possibility of arranging common car maintenance operations as required or needed,
  • possibility to arrange winter maintenance (battery charging, starting, etc.),
  • possibility to arrange private events and performances.

Contact person

Naděžda Horáková
office manager

+420 737 246 216