"Nobody should feel that they are paying more than they ought to."
"Nobody should be forced into doing something they do not want to do."
"The basic human quality is decency."


Pick up. Bring. Open. Connect. Download. Reveal. Repair. Replace. Modify. Solve. Fit together. Check. Wash. Polish. Hand over.

As a means of transportation a car needs maintenance, as a source of happiness it needs love. We provide comprehensive services for modern cars, "youngtimers" and classic cars. Whether your car is your passion or it is an implement for you, you can rest assured that you will get all you need if you come to us. You may always rely on meticulous maintenance, thorough troubleshooting, repairs implemented with great expertise, handling of all administrative requirements, available recovery service and convenience thanks to time saved. 

  • Very good availability,
  • service for modern cars, "youngtimers" and classic cars,
  • diagnostic service for all brands,
  • post-guarantee service for all brands,
  • possibility to provide guarantee service,
  • mechanical and electrical work,
  • tyre servicing and storing of tyres,
  • body repairs and painting,
  • washing, cleaning, upholstery cleaning, waxing and polishing,
  • inspections, comprehensive preparation for technical inspection,
  • complete handling of insurance events, 
  • non-stop recovery service all over Europe,
  • possibility to lend a substitute vehicle,
  • possibility to take the car to the repair shop and back,
  • authorized service partner of PIAGGIO Group.


Bring. Dismantle. Sand blast. Grind. Weld. Remove corrosion. Refurbish. Produce. Varnish. Chrome plate. Upholster. Assemble. Fill up. Set out.


Bring. Wash. Dry. Polish. Vacuum clean. Pressurize. Park. Connect. Protect. Sit for a while. Watch. Compete. Support. Celebrate. Dance.

Safe and convenient parking is important for each vehicle or motorcycle owner. In our private garages we offer spacious parking spaces right in the heart of the capital city. Thanks to the high security level, you may use them for year-long or short-term parking without any worries.

  • Parking right in the city centre,
  • electronic card entry system,
  • modern camera system with recording,
  • non-stop security including a control centre,
  • possibility to provide manual washing, polishing, vacuum-cleaning and upholstery cleaning,
  • possibility of arranging common car maintenance operations as required or needed,
  • possibility to arrange winter maintenance (battery charging, starting, etc.),
  • possibility to arrange private events and performances.


Love. Enter. Co-own. Share. Invest. Appreciate.

Investment into classic cars is an appealing way to appreciate your funds which offers many advantages. At the same time it requires the knowledge of a specific market environment, long-term knowledge of price trends, awareness of the most sought after versions of individual models and experience resulting in location of a suitable car for investment. Successful collectors gather such experience over many years.

Our classic cars fund gives an opportunity to qualified investors for safe appreciation of their available funds. Experience the joy of the investment process, touch your investment. Supervision by experts with many years of experience, strong financial backing and meeting of all statutory requirements means that you may let your heart decide whether to enter the world of classic cars.


Enter. Recollect. Dream. Listen. Watch. Recognize. Taste. Set out.

Classic Cars Gallery is a unique place where memories and dreams mingle together. Touring cars, sports cars, competition cars with unique history, models of various brands from all over the world, representatives of extraordinary eras. Take a look at the cars on display in their original and restored condition, which open the hearts of young and adult car lovers alike. We view the worthy counterbalance to traditional expositions in show rooms as the natural effort to elevate the object of a private collector's passion to the living proof of human desire for perfection, speed and beauty. These are objects that should be seen by all those who are able to appreciate them.

Besides the actual exposition the gallery is a venue for interesting lectures, social meetings, thematic modern art exhibitions and car auctions. And it of course is the place where classic cars traditionally start their competitions.


Perceive. Design. Create. Entitle. Sign. Inspire. Unite.

We are convinced about the classic cars and motorcycles are the result of a same process, during which the inspiration is became work of art. This is reason, why we are cooperating with renowed artists and partners on projects connecting the worlds of a classic motoring and art in the unique exposures at interesting places.


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